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Railway Transportation

Railway Transportationn one of its major advantages is its low cost. In terms of cost, these transportation systems are classified as low cost transportation methods such as sea freight. Another advantage of the railway transportation to Düzce International Transportation and other countries is that the environment has a minimal polluting transport. At the same time, large quantities of these products can be safely and safely transported. Railway Transportation has some disadvantages that can only be used in areas with railway infrastructure. Düzce International Transportation provides railway transportation services to other countries. This transportation method increases transportation costs due to the high fuel consumption and at the same time, the high cost structures of infrastructure investments are also a disadvantage of railway transportation in order to make these transportation systems possible. Only suitable for medium and long haul haulage.

Advantages of Railway Freight Forwarding

  • It is a type of transport that is sensitive to the environment.
  • It is more secure than other transport types.
  • Road traffic lightens the burden.
  • Unlike other transportation patterns, there is usually a long-term fixed price guarantee.
  • Transit superiority is given because transit countries have a preference for transit boundaries while there are highway transit limits in international transit.
  • Although the transit times are slightly higher than in the highway, the times of flight are fixed.
  • It is the most suitable type of transport for heavy tonnage and bulky loads.

The Role of Railway Transport

Currently, the least used method of transport Railway Transportation Download in Turkey. Turkey's exports in terms of value of securities to be made in only 2% are transported by rail portion. Although Railway Transportation was given great importance in the first years of the Republic, this interest decreased in the following periods and more emphasis was placed on road transport. Currently, the lack of rail transport at the desired level of railway infrastructure in Turkey stands out as the most important reason why it is at the desired level.

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