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Partial Transportation

Partial Transportation is defined as a transportation activity on the same route, with products of different needs, namely cargoes, with the same transport vehicle. The most obvious advantage is that the goods or freight that are requested to be transported reach the destinations with more economic value. If the customer wishes to send a product to any region, any region, any quantity, the service to be requested will be described in partial terms if the request is placed at a capacity that will not fill a transportation vehicle.

Services within the scope of Partial Load Carriage?

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  • Cargo shipment under insurance.
  • Expert personnel and principled working environments.
  • Our services include informing the customer and checking the dispatch status.

Partial Transportation Application

The rapid development of the transportation sector or, more broadly, the logistics industry, and the fact that the needy owners have a different expectation has led to the development of different transport concepts. When planning, logistics management processes are carried out, the needs are taken into account and a partial statement is introduced with the understanding of fulfilling the expectations with the most appropriate price. In partial applications, the main objective is to collect the products of more than one requester on a single vehicle on the same route. In this respect, both the needy and the needy meet the logistic needs, the businesses meet more than one expectation with a single vehicle and the service is offered with more economical prices.

As time, economy and contributions are added, in this method of implementation, management principles come into play. Implementation is also essential for healthy planning and coordination. In order to avoid unnecessary labor and unnecessary massacre, planning and coordination is of utmost importance. In the recovery of the loads, the route is taken as basis, the last loaded material, the first sinking material, the principle is inserted into the circuit. As mentioned, in consequence of this planning, both products and loads are not damaged and there is no unnecessary time loss on the route. The same understanding also applies to the numbering of products and control processes. All downloaded loads can be individually controlled according to their downloading order, at which point possible deficiencies or confusion are avoided. Participation in the communication and coordination phase with relevant representatives before any partial cargo transportation service is an important operation to be done.

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