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Maritime Transport

Duzce International Conference on Transport as container lines and their agents with an agreement with its customers regular weekly time with the ports of the world to Turkey and the world's ports to complete container (FCL) and import and export transportation gurupaj container (LCL) as standard your load, open top, reefers, flatrack highcube, tank container and many other transport systems. When we look at the history of Maritime Transport, it is seen that transportation has been carried out since the Vikings in the 10th century. In Maritime Transport in the 15th century the burdens are transported to the hangers. This means that loading and unloading takes a long time. it is necessary to find a solution to the problem. In the 1930's, Malcolm McLean found a way to put a load of cargo. However, this solution did not find a suitable solution due to the space saving of the vehicle and found the container which is frequently used in transportation today. The first container transportation began in 1956 when a container of 57 containers was loaded. Since then, it has become a preferred transport system in terms of cost.

Services provided within the scope of Sea Freight Forwarding?

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Types of Sea Freight

In Maritime Transport, which can be divided into two in simple terms, we can refer to two types of transport. Liner and Tramp transportation. Tramp transport is a type of transport between two ports that have a load, without a specific time and date. Crude oil is based on the principle that materials that can be loaded on all or a part of the ground such as underground mines, lumber, coal, etc. can be transported in one go. Liner is the service, not the load, which is essential in transportation. Time and date are specific. The location of the harbors to be moved is unknown. It is a tariff-based type of transportation, so the people who will transport the goods will plan accordingly. When the ship arrives at the port, they deliver the materials to be transported to the company and move the goods where they will go. Container and Ro-Ro transport are examples of this type of Maritime Transport.

Maritime Transport brings together many elements. Ports, freight forwarding companies and vessels, shipowners, brokers, logistics companies, freight forwarders, port operators can be counted from these elements. Today, competition is the most prevalent in the most common type of transportation. For this reason, logistics firms attach importance to perfection in this service sector. The investments to be made on this transportation scheme, which will increase even further in the coming years, have a great importance for the development of global trade.

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