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Highway Transports

Duzce Transport led by Kazakhstan, Russia and B.D.T country built its own offices abroad, including Kazakhstan and strong agency network across Turkey and Europe, Russia and B.D.T transport solutions for your country. 150 Tractor, 175 Tractor is a company that effectively manages your road haulage with its own assets and contracted trucks. Düzce Transport is not only the owner of this largest fleet operating in Kazakhstan line but also the biggest contracted trolley management company. Düzce Transport's greatest strength; to provide customers with the type and number of vehicles they need and to provide the fastest way service.

What services are provided under Highway Transports?

  • 7/24 live support line and contact with phone
  • Cargo shipment under insurance.
  • Expert personnel and principled working environments.
  • Our services include informing the customer and checking the dispatch status.

The Importance of Road Transport

The reliability of land transport is the most preferred method of transportation, as it is widely used and allows for the transport of loads. Highway Transports can be used to transport all types of goods, from transporting goods within a home to transporting them to a factory. Highway Transports, which is attractive both in terms of convenience and in terms of affordability, is the most widely used type of transportation in the logistics sector.

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