Russia and Kazakhstan, Duzce International Transport added 5 more Tırsan Curtain Maxima Plus to its fleet, which consisted entirely of Tırsan products.

The most ideal solution for Tırsan's different transportation combinations and the operational convenience model, Curtain Maxima Plus's weight in the fleet is increasing. Daf-Tırsan Sales Manager Recep Öndal Demirci, Düzce International Transportation Board Member Serkan Civelek and İstanbul Branch Manager Sefa Civelek participated in the ceremony held at the Tırsan Adapazarı factory for the delivery of the 5-curtain Maxima Plus vehicles, which were added to the fleet of Düzce International Transportation.

Düzce International Transportation Board Member Serkan Civelek said during his delivery ceremony that they mainly work in Russia and Kazakhstan and offer a wide range of transportation services from construction materials to textiles, dry food to white goods. Civelek stated that they are customers from different sectors and that they serve the same quality to all of them. "Different transportation solutions are required for each product. For this, both your human resources and the tools and equipments you use must be suitable for this job. We are a company that has adopted unconditional customer satisfaction. For this reason, we created the whole of our philosophy from Tırsan products. Tırsan is a company that develops customized solutions for all types of transportation and devotes itself to customer satisfaction. "

Serkan Civelek, Curtained Maxima Plus is the best solution in the sector developed for textile transport, said: "Textile transportation requires a combination of different combinations and tools to meet these combinations are needed. At this point, the Tırsan vehicles provide all the advantages we need. In addition, vehicles with different fifth wheel heights can be used by all kinds of brand and model attractors, "he said.

Civelek On the other hand, "Sometimes our drivers lift and forget trailers during loading. The auto reset feature on the Tırsan vehicles automatically takes the vehicle to the driving level, ensuring load and road safety. Besides, thanks to the expandable back fathers in the car, we can easily carry out our bulk cargo entrances, "he said.- Serkan CİVELEK