He even used DAF for International Freight Preference.

The company, which carried out its activities based on Düzce, took out the number of vehicles in its fleet with 21 attractors and 24 semi-trailers together with its recent purchases.

Duzce International which has been operating in the International Shipping sector since 1995. Nak is mainly exporting to Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine.

Duzce Chairman of the Board of Directors of International Shipping. mr. İsmail Civelek explained the reasons for choosing DAF during the delivery ceremony as follows: "We have a long-standing friendship with Tırsan based on our foundation. From the past to the present, both sales and after sales relations have always been very good. If DAF is robust and low fuel consumption, we are expecting more. Our preference will be DAF tomorrow as it was yesterday. "

DAF continues production of over 60 trucks. He is proud of not only producing his own cabin, his own axles, but also producing his own motor. In fact, it also proved to the American industrial massacre group Paccar in which he is in his own self. The DAF engine provides EPA 2010 certification and is also used in Pennsylvania's largest truck brands, Kenworth and Peterbilt. DAF's indisputable superiority in motoring is appreciated all over the world. Every year since 2007, DAF has been awarded the best bus engine manufacturer prize.- İsmail CİVELEK