Duzce International Transportation Chairman İsmail Civelek received three DAF XF105.460 Optimizeri Samandıra at the location DAF-TIRSAN Automotive Sales Manager Ertuğrul ERKOÇ.

Duzce International Shipping Chairman Mahir Civelek, in a statement made in the statement "We have been using TIRSAN products since 1995.

It was on this track that we met with the DAF brand. " We are very pleased with DAF-TIRSAN's after-sales and after-sales services. The phylum is composed of 90% DAF attractors. We use tools and are very pleased with their performance. Our savings from fuel saving is very high and the vehicles are very durable. DAF-TIRSAN Equipped and trained technical personnel in automotive services solve our problems in the fastest way. "

Düzce International Transport serves mainly to Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakhstan and independent community countries, mainly engaged in the construction of various construction materials abroad.

The DAF XF105.460 Optimizer is a tool with improved features provided by the ATe Program. In addition to reducing operational expenses and fuel consumption to a minimum with DAF and ATe programs, reducing service costs aims to reduce environmental impact. Many features in the vehicle have been optimized to reduce the total cost of ownership so that vehicle drivers can make the lowest trips possible.- İsmail CİVELEK