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Düzce International Transportation

Our company was founded in 1995 under the name of "Düzce International Transportation Industry And Trade Corporation" to carry out international and domestic transportation. Our mission is always to provide fast, reliable and economical service. We have a total of 200 vehicles, including our own equity and rental vehicles, consisting of 50 Turkish placards and 50 KAZAK platters. Our vehicles are new and have capacities between 92m3 and 120m3. CMR insurance covers the installation.

We will inform you our city lines from CIS, Europe and Turkic Republics that you have worked for and we will offer you the best offer and fastest service when freight offer is requested. We carry out project and lowbed partial transportation. (Iran, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkic Republics, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan) We present your esteemed opinions without being evaluated. We wish you success in your new projects. As Düzce International Shipping Company we expect you to have the opportunity to offer our service.

DÜZCE International Transportation Corporation, It is a logistics company operating in the field of international transportation, authorized by the Ministry of Transport with C2 Certificate of Authority. With its high level of experience in international transportation, DÜZCE International Nakliyat Anonim Şirketi has become a strategic business partner, sharing the goals and concerns of its customers since the first day, when the industry first stepped into a reliable service understanding principle. DÜZCE International Nakliyat Anonim Şirketi adopts the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction and brings competitive advantage to its customers by offering innovations that are created in the sector together with cost and difference advantages. DUŞCE International Transportation Company, which continues its operations without any compromise from ethical rules and legal obligations, has become one of the most respected names in the field in a short time with its investment in human capital and technology. DÜZCE has successfully transported to Turkic Republics, Eastern Europe, Central and Western European countries and Middle Eastern countries, mainly Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and Baltic Republics. It provides the most suitable and safe solutions to its customers through its network of knowledge, skills and agencies that it possesses in project and heavy tonnage transportation. DÜZCE A.Ş. has construction contracting, textile, packaging, manufacturing and foreign trade companies in its customer group.

Maintain brand image and awareness. Keeping the satisfaction and morale of our employees at a high level. To achieve excellence, by adopting innovations to our processes with the participation of all employees, making continuous improvement an integral part of our company culture. Establish and develop relationships based on mutual trust and information sharing in our service chain by using effective communication techniques with our stakeholders. To organize planned training activities to improve the roles our stakeholders have in our processes, to increase their level of awareness and knowledge, and to ensure their professional and individual development.

Our Core Values

Düzce Transport As International Carrier.

Always Innovation

A company that is always open to innovations and latest technology DÜZCE TRANS.

The latest technology

Last System Vehicle Tracking and Communication System is used.

Security & Quality

A permanent company that does not compromise its work safety and quality DÜZCE TRANS.

We Care for Nature

We Prevent Natural Pollution Through Our Fuel and End-of-Life Vehicles We Use.