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Airways Transporting

Airways Transporting; especially the export and importers, is the whole of the services that ensure that the goods of all the senders who have the need are delivered with the most appropriate method at the most appropriate time. Although air transport is newer in terms of historical development than other types of transportation, in recent years the usage rate has become a form of transportation that is increasingly used. In airway transport, goods are transported with volume and weight that are low but high in value. In parallel with the increasing product diversity in world trade, the advantages that the airplane has as a means of transportation are becoming more preferred in terms of intensifying competition and accelerating business processes. Advantages of Airways Transporting; short delivery times, the presence of a worldwide airport network, high safety and security, care and attention to handling and loading of cargoes and lower insurance premiums compared to other types of transport. Airways Transporting. The downside is that due to weight and volume limitations, higher transport costs arise compared to other types of transport. Generally, people pay much attention to the high quality of a service when they are expensive. This also reveals the fact that service providers must be more rigorous. Another factor is the high cost of this type of transport, which is used during transport of light, heavy goods. Airways Transporting, which is generally used for cargo and document transportation, transports 8% of international trade.

Services provided within the scope of Air Freight Forwarding?

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  • Cargo shipment under insurance.
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  • Our services include informing the customer and checking the dispatch status.

Airway Transportation Practice

As well as every transportation route, there are advantages and disadvantages of transportation by air. If these advantages are to be listed, then there is no doubt that the shortest flight time is the fastest option. For example, you can transfer the products you want to transport to a point where the bus will transport it within 10 hours by airplane. This is because the top ranking of the reasons for preference is that it happens quickly. By doing business together with other transportation, the customer can provide a better service. Airways Transporting will be able to deliver products from the airport to the desired depot with Highway Transports, giving the customer more detail.

The biggest disadvantage is of course a high-wage transportation type. The fact that the fuel consumption of the aircrafts is too high for the movement of the planes is getting serious figures in transportation costs. Airways Transporting investments require a significant amount of investment in order to be able to fulfill them in a healthy way, and these investments require a high amount as a constant cost. Therefore, the need for serious infrastructure required prior to transportation by air is one of the most expensive methods in terms of complexity. Finally, the disadvantage of air transport is that it is not possible to transport every product due to the fact that cargo planes have a certain size. You want your product to be moved as soon as possible, and if the size of the product is large, this possibility is not available to you.

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